About Our Bikes

Our Bikes

We use a variety of motorcycles which are low in engine size to allow the teaching to be slow and controlled which in turn provides a safer learning environment.  Our bikes range in styles including cruiser, retro and sport bikes. This gives you the student the opportunity to try different styles as not one fits all. We actively encourage students to swap bikes during the course to experience the different riding characteristics.

Take a look at the selection of BRP Can-Am On-Road models available in your country: BRP Can-Am Ryker, BRP Can-Am Spyder F3 or BRP Can-Am Spyder RT. can-am.brp.com

2023 Can-Am On-Road 3-Wheeler Vehicles – New Models

BRP Can-Am F3 Spyder

BRP Can-Am F3 Spyder, this machine has so much fun in it they had to give it three wheels. If you don’t like the thought of balancing or having to put your feet down, no problem. Come ride a BRP Can-Am Spyder you will enjoy it for sure.

Honda CM250

Honda CM250, a very popular bike for people to use comfortable and reliable.

Suzuki GW250

Suzuki GW250 a smooth and quiet bike, a little heavier but very stable and comfortable to ride for training.

Honda CBR125

Honda CBR125, this bike has sharp steering and responds right away to inputs from the rider. Very easy to ride and positions where you want it.

Suzuki GN250

Suzuki GN250, an older but still comfortable and fun bike to use for training. Predictive steering inputs and stability.

Honda CBR250

Honda CBR250, this bike is a slightly sportier bike. Has great handling and is very responsive and predictable in both steering and balance.

Honda Grom 125cc

Our newest bike. Honda Grom 125cc, fun easy bike to ride and learn, great for confidence building and those who may be smaller in stature.

Our Team

lead instructor Adi

Hello, I am a former Motorcycle Police Officer from England. I have been teaching people to ride motorcycles for nearly 40 years. I have taught in Canada for over 15 years. I have seen thousands of students come through my classes and school, and become very confident and competent riders. Not only that they tell me the have become better car drivers too.

I teach on a very personable level and my students always have fun and are amazed at the skills they never knew they had.

Road Safety is a very important issue and knowing how to recognize instances where there is a potential hazard and having the skills and foresight to distance yourself from them is key to becoming a good motorcycle rider.

A few years ago a student told me. ”You should run your own school!”. That is what I am doing, FPM Motorcycle Rider Training is a class 6 specialist school, and I happy to provide this service to Central Alberta.

Instructor Len

I am a retired law enforcement officer of 34 years service, 17 years of that on a traffic unit. I have been riding motorcycles for 35 years and have been an instructor since 2015.

Instructor Brad Watson

I have been a motorcycle rider for 45 years and an instructor for the last 23 years.

Through these years of riding I have always strived to continually practice and improve my riding skills. This lead me to take several riders courses including beginner, advanced, trailer and a couple of racing classes, each one providing me a better insight into how to ride a motorcycle properly. The best thing I learned was, the more I learned and practiced, the more I enjoyed riding!

My goal is to share that love of riding a motorcycle properly and safely.

Instructor Cam Ames

I became an instructor with FPM in 2022. My interest in teaching Class 6 started during COVID when my wife got cabin fever and decided to buy a spur of the moment motorcycle with no previous experience. After teaching/demonstrating the basics, it was inspiring to see how quick she made progress. I have been riding motorcycles since I was 17 years old and enjoy seeing the joy it brings others. I look forward to being a part of your new adventure.